Sunday, December 19, 2010

Milk and Vitamins for Pregnant Women

             Pregnancy is the most exciting and nerve-wrecking part of a woman's life most especially when it's the first time. Upon knowing that I'm conceiving, I immediately surrendered myself to my obne-gynecologist and had my whole reproductive system checked. As per doctor's advise, she recommended two supplements for expecting-moms like me- milk which is high in folate and multivitamins.

          According to my OB, two glasses of Anmum Materna is needed everyday. One at breakfast and the other one before bedtime.
          Anmum Materna is rich in folate, gangliosides and essential fatty acids. 

          Folate is the natural source of vitamin B9 found in a variety of foods, most often, in leafy green vegetables, dried beans, and peas. When folate is used as an additive in foods, generally in bread, grains or breakfast cereal, or when it is taken as a supplement, it is called folic acid. It is an important vitamin, especially when taken by women who are pregnant, planning to get pregnant, or nursing.
         Gangliosides are lipids that help in the development of child’s brain functions, especially the synapses or connections. The more the cells of child’s brain connect, the more potential his brain has for learning.

            Essential Fatty Acids or EFAs support child’s brain development, especially his eye functions. A baby cannot make his own EFAs, so he has to rely on your diet to get what he needs.

      Aside from milk supplement, I was also advised to take one tablet of Obimin everyday.This is a vitamin and mineral supplement for pregnant and lactating mothers.

      But, of course, these two are just supplements. It's still best that pregnant women eat a well-balanced diet with lots of fruits and vegetables, get enough sleep,exercise and regular visit to their ob-gynecologists.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It's important for pregnant women to take the Vitamins they need.